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October 07, 2004


Hope ya folks like our first decently shot band photo (see below). In the eternity that's passed since our last real update, a couple of super important things have taken place. The saga unfolds:-

1) TBB takes a mid-year - Aug break for songwriting purposes. Heartbreak and moping over personnel changes also on the agenda, yep

2) Somewhere along the way, Warren gets elected as designated vocalist & guitarist.

4) Strangedays alumni Meng is recruited on geetar. Boy, can this guy shred something righteous. The lineup is complete.

5) Band plays inaugural show with new lineup at Sunway College in August. Band almost electrocuted due to sudden rain mid-way into "Disaster Strikes Again." Too obvious a connection, but a memorable gig, to be sure.

6) Band plays Longdrawn part deux in September with a buncha great bands, including Singapore's super professional The Observatory.
- Proving themselves equally adept as fighters as well as lovers - Dave, Boon and Meng ably back Adlin's opening solo project - the megamonouberlithic rock behemoth known as LIED...
- Gig was also memorable also due to Warren's incessant nervous stage banter.

What's next? Get off our lazy behinds and record something. We also promise to update this blog more frequently. Alas, best laid plans...stay tuned.

September 29, 2004


The new line up (clockwise from top) : Meng,Dave,Warren,Abby & Boon.

September 28, 2004


We'll be right back after these messages.

June 17, 2004

Hate Is A Car, And To Love Is To Drive

The "Hate Is A Car, And To Love Is To Drive" EP is now available at Music Magic, Central Market, Unit M26. Do check it out...

June 02, 2004

Major Updates

To anyone who cares enough to visit this blog, we apologise for not updating for yonks.

Some new things have happened in the past few months, briefly in chronological order:
1. TBB vocalist Adrian leaves the band

2. TBB guitarist Adlin leaves the band

- Both will be sorely missed!

3. Keyboardist Abby lends her talents to a couple of shows and recording

4. 2nd new EP in the lifetime of this band nears completion. Titled "Hate Is A Car, And To Love Is To Drive," Tracklist:
i)The Declaration of Interdependence
ii)Folded Paper Trails
iii)The Disappearing Traffic
iv)Silent Movie
*Recorded by the fine folks @ Standing Wave Studio, Subang Jaya: 019 224 5279

Look out for announcements, because in a stunning move TBB has decided never to play the EP songs live ever again. That's right, folks!

Anyways do please check out the "Silent Movie" mp3 available at that nifty i-bands site http://www.i-bands.net/audiovault/bands/496/music.php

February 27, 2004

X-Games 2004

The X-Games gig went great (for the most part). Thanks to Moots for inviting us. We had a lot of fun.

The gig we are organizing is all systems go. Here are the details:

longdrawn: sparkle & shine
five eclectic bands perform their repertoire as you’re meant to hear them, in respective and unhindered full 40 minute sets. come and chill out to the sounds of inventive guitar work, otherworldly noises, melancholic songs and dreamy musical atmosphere.


seven collar t-shirt




this body broken

13th March 2004
RM15 + 1st drink
Jam Asia Rock Station
19-1 Jalan 22A/70A,Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
(row of shoplots behind Agros & Maybank)
18 & Above (sorry kids, on owner’s request. show is at a bar on a Saturday night)

further info e-mail burn_ibiza@yahoo.com or thisbodybroken@hotmail.com

Flyer link:

Do take the time to come out and watch. The bands have prepared some special surprises. So come on out and see what they have in store. A few of the bands will be debuting new material. This gig is not to be missed.

Its gonna be a full set for us so we are working hard to debut some new material at the gig. We also hope to launch our second EP there so be sure to come by to grab a copy.

We also have gigs llined up on March 27 and April 11. More details on that soon.

January 30, 2004

Tragic Loss

The gig on the 17th was great! We played yet another set of purely new songs and even found the time to debut The Disappearing Traffic and Starlight, two songs we did not play at the NBT gig. We were happy with how the new songs are turning out live.

We are also in the process of recording what will be our second EP. It's 70% complete and we are tweaking the songs at the moment, making sure everything is great before we release it. It will be a 4 song release yet again and it is tentatively titled 'Hate is a Car and to Love is to Drive'.

On the gig front, we will be playing the X-Games on Monday, the 16th of February. Details are still unclear to us at this point of time other than the date, Will update more once the exact details flow in.

We are also in the process of organizing a 5 band gig somewhere in March which may (or may not) include the likes of Telebury, RUSH, Seven Collar T-Shirt, us and another undecided band. Will keep you guys updated on that one.

December 22, 2003

Malam Pesta Muda Mudi

The NBT gig went great. The place was completely packed out wall to wall. We got a chance to debut 3 new songs - The Declaration of Interdependence, Silent Movie and Folded Paper Trails, which we were really happy about. The crowd were receptive to the new songs which was great.

The other bands kicked serious butt. Kudos to headliners Seven Collar T Shirt, Sgt Weener Arms and Tiramisu (who enthralled the crowd with their bizzare fashion sense and top grade showmanship).

We had great fun and got to hang out with some really cool people.

We have another gig coming up in January:

...beauty moment presents - you are the TRAGIC LOSS...

+ malaysia
- utarid, from this end, this body broken, unexpected sphinx theory, sg weener's arm, last minute and muck

+ singapore
- tiramisu and plain sunset

+ 17 | 01 | 04 - aero pub ampang city - RM15+one free drink
+ 4 30pm till the end

great great lineup .... Plainsunset, Muck, Utarid, Sgt Weener Arms and (must see) Tiramisu are all sure keepers. So mark that date in your calendar and we hope to see you there. Cheers.

November 26, 2003

Some Updates

We're back! Sorry for not updating for so long but we've been busy with work and finalising the new songs.

We have a gig coming up. Yes, our first one in months.


Iseekmusic presents ...

Malam Pesta Mudi Mudi

Seven Collar T-Shirt
Sgt Weener Arms
This Body Broken

Venue: No Black Tie
Date: 20th of December, 2003
Time: 8.30pm till end
RM12 + Free Gift

Rumour has it that this is Seven Collar's last gig. Let's just hope it just stays a rumour. We will be playing a short set but we're just glad to get back on the gig circuit. We're playing all new material so we're excited.

Plus, we're currently also working out the final details for a new three song EP we plan to record and sell during this gig. We will keep you updated on that one.

August 22, 2003

The Complete Lineup

It gives us supreme pleasure to announce that we have completed our lineup with the addition of Boon from Strangedays, as our permanent bassist. We are currently cranking full force in the studio with our new lineup and the new songs can only be described as 'surprising'. We can't wait to gig again and we hope to have these songs up and running ASAP so we can.

For the mean time, any inquiries, questions or complains can be directed to thisbodybroke@hotmail.com

July 31, 2003

The New X-Man

Adlin has officially been recruited as an axeman for the TBB cause. We welcome him with two open arms and a teh ais.

July 25, 2003

Pictures : Baybeats 2003

Some pics:

Baybeats (Band).
Baybeats (Warren).
Baybeats (Adlin).

We will try to get more pics up when we can.

For more pics of other acts during Baybeats go to www.baybeats.net .

If anyone has any pics of us during Baybeats, kindly mail them to thisbodybroken@hotmail.com

We would greatly appreciate it.


*Pics above are from the official Baybeats site

July 22, 2003

Review : Baybeats 2003

We just got back from Baybeats and it was great! We are quite happy with the set we played.

As you may already know, Keng and Hock has officially left the band. We want to wish them luck in whatever they get their hands into in the future.

At Baybeats, we soldiered on with our super subs Adlin (Strangedays) and Nick (ex-Necromanicide) on guitars and bass respectively. We had to repeat 'Endorphins' cause the organizers said we were short of a song to make it a 1/2 an hour set. But in the end it all turned out great. Cheers to all who had a good time.

We hope to have some pics up in the near future. They are still in the process of being developed.

Seeing The Gloria Record play was absolutely a surreal experience. Kudos to the rest of the Malysian bands like Tempered Mental, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Elisebelle Tears and Color My Iris for making Malaysia proud.

We wanna take this time to thank John C (for having us this year), Gordon, Razi, Djulian, Joe, Keng, Hock, Simon, Dex, John Goh (for the pics), the CMI guys, the ET guys and anyone who chilled with us or helped us during the duration of this trip. Cheers!

It's back to the old writing block for us now. So if you don't hear from us for awhile, fret not. We hope to be back up and running with some brand new songs ASAP.

June 26, 2003

A Brief Rundown

It's been over a month since the last post and we're very sorry. Here's a brief run down on what will be happening.

The band is going through some lineup reshuffling. We will give you more details once we've decided on replacements.

The band recently recorded a new song, 'The Contortionist' for the second installment of the Three Letter Sessions compilation by Wakemeupmusic. The set this time will feature bands from all over Asia. We're very honoured to be a part of such an exciting project.

It's all systems go for Baybeats Esplanade Music Festival, 2003 at Singapore which will be held at the Esplanade from the 18th to the 20th of July. We are all pumped to play so it's gonna be an exciting time for everyone.

The band will take some time off after Baybeats to write new material. We have pulled out of a few shows that were scheduled before and after Baybeats, including the Loneliness Breaks the Silence gig at Blue Planet on July 12th.

We want to minimize the ammount of shows at this point of time. Our sincere apologies to the organizers of these shows. We hope to make it up to you in the future. We feel that writing has to take priority at this time. We will take a couple of months off to write and we promise to return fresher and better than ever.

Thanks for everyone's support thus far. We will be seeing you soon.

May 19, 2003

This blog has been rather inactive in the past few weeks... speaks volumes about what the band is currently doing...
anyway some gig updates: -

9pm onwards, 25th May 2003
Address: -
No. 7, Jalan SS19/4C
Subang Jaya
Cover charge? Don't think there's one.

9pm onwards, 31st May 2003
Cover charge: RM10
Paul's Place, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, S'gor.
Other bands playing:
Seven Collar T-Shirt
Sgt Weener Arms
Men Under Zero Effort

Gig in Blue Planet
7th June 2003
Cover charge: not too sure
Other bands playing:
XSecond CombatX
Elisebelle tears
Oddstar 13

The Beauty That Corrodes
12th July 2003
Blue Planet, Jalan P.Ramlee, KL
Cover charge: RM12 (Free 1 Drink)
Other bands playing:
Zender(Opening Act)
Color My Iris
Get Sky Proper
Elisebelle Tears
Last Season Kiss
Best Kept Secret

Baybeats Esplanade Music Festival 2003, Singapore
18-20 July 2003
Venue; Esplanade, Singapore
Free Admission

March 27, 2003

3 shows in 8 days! The band would like to thank iza MMU, guitarist society of MMU, yoke kuan & hong jin & the soulcafe team & khoo from ICOM for the gig invites. It has certainly been a pleasure.

Merchandize will be coming your way soon!

A 4 band compilation with JB based Color My Iris, Ipoh's Elisebelle Tears & Gets Sky Proper from the Klang Valley are in the pipeline. Check this page out for more updates.

The band will be playing in Baybeats, S'pore this year. Other M'sian bands playing are Elisebelle Tears, Color My Iris, Tempered Mental & Seven Collar T-Shirt.

February 25, 2003

Confirmed shows are as follows: -

dates: 7th, 14th, 21th, 28th March 2003
time: 6.30pm
venue: Internasional College Of Music Recital hall

bands feat:

7th: naked breed, flatline, groundxero, y2k
14th: estranged, khaimano, soft touch, (tba)
21th: pop shuvit, stone angelina, qings and kueens, THIS BODY BROKEN
28th: tempered mental, disagree, false opus, (tba)

22th March MMU Melaka - Battle of the Bands - 2pm onwards - We're the guess band (fore more info, check out the MMU Battle of the Band's website at http://mmusic.cjb.net
5th April - FGA Carnival - 9am - 7pm (free admission)

3rd May - Gig in No Black Tie with Sgt. Weener Arms, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Infireal & R.U.S.H

February 15, 2003

Hello peeps! We're getting alarmingly lazy to update this makeshift site. The new site will be up in a few days.

A big thanks to Bodysurf music and monocollective for inviting us to play at their gigs!

Our next 3 unconfirmed shows are as follows: -

march - gig in ICOM on a friday nite (don't ask me when, I really have no idea!)

22nd march - battle of the bands in MMU, Melaka (TBB is the guess band)

29th march - FGA Carnival.

more updates soon!

January 22, 2003

Hello folks, this is just in. Our next 2 confirmed shows are as follows: -


date: 25 jan 2002
time: 3pm
venue: majestic pub, jalan lim bo seng, ipoh (near bodysurf studio)
tix: rm10

This Body Broken
In A Sense
Note Blind
Witch Alley
Neighbours Coma

with -

Custom Daisy
This Body Broken
Foreground Division
Oddstar 13

opening act by -
Unexpected Sphinx Theory

8th February 2003
Blue Planet KL
2pm sharp!

Infos - monocollective@hotmail.com

January 14, 2003

We've not updated this site in ages! Wanna say a big thank you once again to all those who bought our EP and have written to us via e-mail. You guys have been awesome!

Next 2 shows

25th January 2003
Details TBA soon!

29th March 2003
FGA Carnival
Details TBA soon!

January 02, 2003

BLESSED NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! What an amazing year 2002 has been! We've just got back from Singapore. We'd like to thank all the people who've invited us to play at the Sonic Festival 2002 and also Indiefestation 2 weeks back and also all the people who bought our EP. THANK YOU!

December 19, 2002

Welcome to our little makeshift site.
Our webmistress is not quite done with our website, so we'll be using this temporarily.
Anyway enough rambling. Let's just keep this page short and sweet


Our EP is finally ready. It will be for sale during this weekend's Indie Festation gig in Sunway Pyramid. We've selling it for RM8.


(19th December - 22nd December)
We're playing on the 21st of December 2002
Time: 6pm - 10pm
Venue: Entrance of Sunway Pyramid
click here for more info about the gig

Festival Info
28 Dec 2002 (Saturday)
Festival Gates open 11am
Festival closes 11pm
St Andrew's Cathedral open field (Singapore)
(City Hall MRT)
Click here for more info about the gig